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With rail transport, loads are transported more safely and economically. It is especially advantageous to transport transit to European countries by rail. Another advantage of rail transport is to save time by not having to wait at the borders.

Having set an extensive array of services exclusively for rail freight forwarding since its very foundation, Fargo Lojistik has expanded its rail freight routes to cover any import and export cargo dispatches from or to the Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS and Middle East Countries.

With containers, we offer direct and combined rail transport services :

  • By direct train
  • By road +train
  • By sea + train
  • By air + train

We transporte from station deliver to door with regular train services.

Having established rail freight services for all import and export shipments from or to destination.

Rail Transport between Western and Eastern European states and Turkey, in particular for freight shipments from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, the destination being Turkey.

Shipments to and from Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS states that transit through Austria.

Open and sealed Wagons, shipping services “owned by shippers” and owned by railway companies”.

Rail Freight Forwarding Services Array

Rail Freight Forwarding between Western and Eastern European States and Turkey (Especially for freight dispatches from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria with destination being TURKEY)

Europe / Turkey – Iran / Syria

Forwardings to and from Russia, Baltic States and CIS States with transits over Austria.

Open and sealed car, “shippers own” and “railway owned” shipping services

Rail + Truck Intermodal Freight Forwarding

Port – Factory Forwarding of Freight picked from Railway Stations


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