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Road Freight

Fargo Lojistik connects its customers in Turkey with the economic centers in Eastern and Western parts of Europe. We come up with tailored solutions to ensure fast runtimes, safe carriage and favourable conditions. With years of experience, Fargo Lojistik has an efficient network to fall back on the excellent performance of this international acquisition and distribution logistics delivers through processes within a defined time-frame and with a very low loss ratio.

Fargo Lojistik is familiar with the market conditions and the peculiarities of the different regions of Europe. Even with special transportation ; either with the transport of hanging garments, convoys, high-value transport, or heavy haulage.

Our services cover large areas. We provide services in the Middle East lines, from Europe including the Balkans. Having the necessary power, our firm aims to ensure the fast and reliable arrival of our customers ‘ goods to their destination. The quality of transport does not differ whether it is a package, a pallet, bundling or complete, project goods. Fargo Ljistik also provides express services.


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